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Flowers, they’re made of glitter.

Verdant and white beauties. Channelled Ovando NY’s white collection for a special birthday lady. 

It’s cyclamen time and I’m thrilled, so naturally I’ve taken about a thousand photos. 

Autumn beauty trends inspiring the floral looks here at the studio.

Tropical florals for the recent heatwave in LA.

Yesterday’s hike resulted in the foraging of dried wild fennel and other unidentified aromatics.   


This week’s florals for the house of Mattison.  Men and Women alike, check out designer Derek Mattison’s eponymous menswear line Mattison.


This past weekend we had the pleasure of designing wedding florals for my favorite Australian designer/forager friend “afloralfrenzy.” Grateful for meaningful connections across the globe, beautiful flowers, and open hearts. Check out Phil’s instagram @afloralfrenzy and Katie Marx flowers for jaw-dropping native blooms and designs out of Australia. 

Summer 2014