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Yesterday’s hike resulted in the foraging of dried wild fennel and other unidentified aromatics.   


This week’s florals for the house of Mattison.  Men and Women alike, check out designer Derek Mattison’s eponymous menswear line Mattison.


This past weekend we had the pleasure of designing wedding florals for my favorite Australian designer/forager friend “afloralfrenzy.” Grateful for meaningful connections across the globe, beautiful flowers, and open hearts. Check out Phil’s instagram @afloralfrenzy and Katie Marx flowers for jaw-dropping native blooms and designs out of Australia. 

Summer 2014

Contrary to intuitive belief, lisianthus is quite the long lasting flower. If in the right temperature and under proper care, they can last for several weeks when designed compact. To my delight at this morning’s market venture, one of my vendors had neatly tied posies of lisianthus blooms, as if they were miniature bouquets unto themselves, in the most luxurious lavender tones. And since everything on my radar lately is infused with metallic, what better than to pair with lacquered gold kiwi vine. 

I’ve got a pop-up shop coming up this Saturday July 19th with the lovely ladies of Vivian Chan at Alchemy Works, downtown LA. You’ll find my florals in FLORA LUX fashion in a palette theme of pastel lavender, apricot, and mint; Vivian Chan’s summer collection colors. Come by, say hello, and pick up some hand-tied florals to delight your self or a loved one. I’m looking forward to meeting you there! Official flyer coming this Monday. 

Can not get enough iridescence. Biggest trend at the studio this year. Summer 2014

Summer Style: hot pinks with a dash of dark. Summer 2014

Spring 2014